Our Family Business

Into its fourth generation, sandwiched between the CBC, and Parliament, this article, published in Ottawa Life Magazine Summer, 2019, to use a cliche that captures my father's fascination with the North, covers only the tip of the iceberg...

It says we were incorporated in 1926, but my grandfather, the Mayor of Ottawa, took it over from Elliot Optical who had been operating for some years prior.


The earliest newspaper clipping I found was from 1906, but I estimate as early as 1900, if Elliot was in practice twenty-five years before selling to Mayor Grenville William Goodwin.

It's funny, when I brought my dad the magazine, last night, he was excited. I opened it to the page for him; he creased it -- as he always does, damaging it. He looked at his photo with astonishment, but when I gave him the back issues I had in hand, "The Hill Times", so I could grab my camera. He immediately dropped his own article for the latest gossip on the hill, and unravelled those with glee.

True to form, if you read the magazine article, I found his reaction priceless. I pointed out his compulsion and snapped a blurry one anyway.